Our Lab

Aerospace Testing Services is your “one stop” laboratory for testing your materials. Whether it be coatings, primers, sealants, solvents, adhesives, strippers, or many other categories we offer capabilities focused on AEROSPACE material evaluations.

  • Independent laboratory for testing
  • Initial Qualification testing
  • Shelf Life testing
  • 3 to 5 year re-qualification testing
  • Batch to Batch certification testing
  • Aerospace Testing Services tests your NEW technology
  • Aerospace Testing Services tests your OLDER technology
  • Primers, topcoats, sealants, solvents

In today’s competitive environment time is of the essence to develop materials and deploy new technology to the aerospace marketplace. At Aerospace Testing Services we will be your partner in order to provide accurate and timely results for your material’s performance against rigorous aerospace specification testing requirements.

Being 100% independent and accredited you can have confidence that your development cycle or independent testing will never be held up due to testing capabilities.

Even if you want a 3rd party baseline against which to compare your internal results, we are there for all of your testing needs.